Best secondhand mobile market in delhi khanna communaction second hand mobile shop

Hello my dear friends, how are you friends, do you know where to find old mobiles, if you are running a phone from any company such as Apple Vivo Samsung OnePlus Google Pixel, then where do all these phones go after getting old, friends, today we will give you  Will tell you about a hobby where you get old mobiles at a very good price. Second, here comes the goods by cashing, comes the goods from the Yantra.

If you want to see your old mobile or want to buy it, then you will visit this shop  You can come and buy old mobile iPad tabs and new mobiles at this shop, so if you are also looking for a budget smartphone for yourself which is cheap and durable, then you can visit this shop called Khanna Communication Mobile here. 

You can take it as well as the best thing is that it also does all over India delivery, that is, you can ask for a mobile phone from home because it is a very good thing that you will not have to go anywhere and the mobile will come to your house.  To contact them, their number will be found at the bottom.


But friends, there will be a question in the mind of a lot of people that if we make a call from here, it will come to our house or else, let us tell you that Khanna has uploaded more than 100 videos on YouTube in front of the mill.  In which more than 2000, he has made his successful mobile delivery, that is, mobile has reached the home of more than 2000 people, what is the right way here, what is it that friends take payment from you first, then after that you take mobile because here  All prepaid delivery is done. Is it not delivery? If you want to buy any mobile, then by thinking about it, you can book your phone by calling the number given below.


Khanna Communication

Shop address

33/16 shop no 3

 Ashok nagar

Near veer ji chap

Near tilak nagar mehra sons back side..

Nearst metro tilak nagar mtro gate no 3

Shop time: 2pm to 9pm

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